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How is the Nealey Tire Repair Kit different from discount and parts store kits?

We do not use glue or cement, we use synthetic rubber and cotton cord. We also use a closed eye needle while others use an open eye needle. The repair goes in, goes back out, then releases through the open slot. These repairs leave a loop on the inside of the tire. Our repair places a knot (patch) on the inside casing that is too large to fit back through the hole. OUR REPAIR IS PERMANENT!

How does the repair work?

Thread the strong rubber treated repair cord through the eye of the sturdy inserting needle. Run the inserting tool all the way into the handle. Turn the handle 1 1/2 revolutions and withdraw it until the tip of the tool just clears the face of the tire and cut the tool free. That's it! By turning the tool and pulling the repair back through the hole, we have formed a circular, knot like patch on the inside of the tire, you have both PLUGGED THE HOLE AND PATCHED THE INSIDE. Air pressure tends to make the repair even more snug. On tires driven at high speed the heat causes the repair to melt or "cure" into the puncture and adhere to the casing of the tire.

Is the repair really permanent?

We've been selling our tire repair kits for over 30+ years. Tire shops tell us it' s the best they've ever used. We've talked to farmers who have been using our kits for years and tell us they've never had a failure.

Do I have to take the tire off the rim?

No. It's rare that you ever take the wheel off the vehicle. Add a few pounds of extra pressure. Roll the tire backward or forward, put a little soapy water on it. It will usually bubble where the leak is . . . when you find the puncture you're almost done. Think of the time you can save fixing an inside dual, or a big loaded wagon. trailer or combine. You' d almost have to tear most planters apart to get the tire off. Think what it would cost to have a big tire replaced on construction equipment. . . and the lost income from downtime with other repair methods.

Will it really repair steel belted radial tires? Highway use?

YES. Before stinging the repair, run the inserting tool into the hole and wallow it around vigorously to push back the sharp edges on the steel belts that were exposed when the tire was punctured. It doesn't hurt the tire. . . the puncturing object already did that. AGAIN. . . on a really heavy carcass tire, you may need a reamer/drill to get the repair in. This is the same repair we have been selling to service stations and tire shops for over 20 years. Many brand name stations and shops still use them.

Will it fix big tires on semis, big farm and construction equipment?

That's one of the best features of our kits. We have kits that are designed especially for repairing six ply and larger tires. An implement dealer told us that he had about given up on plug type repairs because they always blew out of his big equipment tires. He started using our repairs and eliminated the problem. The long strands (14 inches) form a large patch on the inside of the tire so it can't come out. Truckers tell of handling 100-115 pounds of pressure. Contractors tell of repairing large scraper and loader tires and farmers tell of fixing big combine or wagon tires. . . in the field. Since the long strand is 14 inches and the short strand is 7, if you want to fix a 2-4 ply tire you can cut the long strand in half, and of course, just insert the long tool until a couple little ears remain on the outside. One big kit will repair any of your tubeless tires.

Will it fix low pressure tires like ATV's and riding mowers?

These are the only repairs that will fix ATV (or lawnmower) tires so that they stay fixed." Most repairs won't hold well on thin, low pressure tires. Also, since our repairs allow you to fix the tire without removing it from the rim, you avoid bead leaks and rim damage. . . Major ATV manufacturers and the nations largest supplier to the lawn and garden industry stock our kits for their customers.

Will the repair work in hot, cold or wet weather?

When its hot, the repair works even better. When its cold the repair strand is rigid and the tire hard and inflexible. If you can, warm the strand a bit and it will be easier to insert. As far as wet, you could dip the repair strand in water and it will still work.

Will the repair work on fluid filled tires?

Yes, if they are tubeless. In the case of a fluid filled tire, you might find that the chemicals tend to cause the repair to deteriorate after a year or two. You might find a little fluid leak.
Just stick in a fresh repair stand. You could probably buy a whole armload of our kits for what it would cost to pump the fluid out of one tire.


Will the repair create a balance problem?

NO. . . In 20+ years we haven't had a problem reported yet. If you put a bunch of repairs in small area you could possibly need to rebalance, but that probably won't ever happen.

How large of a hole will the repair fix?

Normally we just use one repair strand. If you get a larger puncture you can thread two strands through the needle and fix a very large hole. At the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville KY 2006 we repaired a customers tire that had a 3/8 bolt in it. You might get a puncture so large we can't fix it, but you probably won't.

Can I still recap my tires later?

That's another excellent feature. Our repair patches the inside and fills the puncture to protect belts and cords. Inside tire patching leaves the hole open and permits water and road chemicals to create rust and rot problems. Your recapper would prefer a tire that has never been punctured but if one has been punctured, we believe our repair will enhance your chances of acceptance.

Will this repair create treat separation problems?

NO. The little rubber plug used to be very bad in this respect. The hard rubber would work the hole bigger and as the air was released it would go past the plies and cause tread to separate. We have yet to have the first case of tread separation reported to us.

Is this anything like the liquid you put in the valve stem?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You will find that our repair will not create messy cleanups if you ever want to remove a tire and put a patch inside. Our repair won't rust out your rims or create a balance problem in cold weather . . . WE'LL PERMANENTLY SEAL some large holes.

What is the shelf life of the repairs?

We package the kit in a polyethylene tube. It keeps the repairs clean and dry so they will be good for years. The tube also serves as a handy carrying case so you can put it in your tool chest so you'll have it when you need it.

Is there a guarantee?

100% Money Back Guarantee! If you ever decide that you made a mistake in buying our kit just send it back for a complete . . . no hassle refund. NO TIME LIMIT! Try to find a guarantee like this with any other repair kit. In fact, try to find ANY guarantee with other repair kits!

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