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Matt Nealey, Owner

Chuck Nealey, Founder

Our business dates back to 1980 when we started selling our repairs to service stations and tire shops.

We would drive into a service station, invite the operator to watch, then punch a hole in our tire, repair it, hopefully sell a big package of repairs, and drive on to the next prospect. (One time when we replaced a tire we counted 531 repairs in it.)

It was a tough way to make a buck but while making these sales calls we often found that a farmer, or other potential customer would observe the demonstration, follow us to our car and say "How do I get some of those?" This led us to schedule our first farm show where our product was more popular than we had ever imagined. We ran out of product half way through the show and had found a niche market that, along with the construction industry, has become a major part of our business.

We are very proud that most of those customers from the early days are still our customers today and gratified that, from getting to know us at various shows, have become our friends. Many have been instrumental in our growth by recommending our product to their friends and neighbors.

We are pleased that companies such as Stens, the worlds largest supplier of parts and accessories to the lawn care industry, Arctic Cat, a major manufacturer of ATV’s, and some major farm store chains now offer our tire repair kits to their customers.

Over the years the cost of having a tire repaired has gone up and up. Because of the growth in our business we have been able to continue to hold the prices of our kits to levels that differ little from those of many years ago while still maintaining our reputation for quality and service.

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